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Contracting Services

At Mueller, we partner with builders in the Greater Richmond area to provide quality framing, finishing, and flooring services. A winning combination of experience and quality products makes Mueller a reliable partner for your next building project. 

Framing Services

A quality structure starts with quality framing. While ultimately hidden from sight, it is the framing that holds all the finishing touches together. At Mueller, our team of craftsmen are passionate about creating durable structures that are built to last, starting from the bottom up. We are meticulous about every detail of the framing process, from using high-quality lumber to making sure the framing is square and exact.

Regardless of size and usage, a good framing job is at the core of any livable space. At Mueller, we extend this focus on quality to every aspect of our work, even down to the fasteners, adhesives, and caulks that we use. Our comprehensive experience in constructing high quality frames ensure your building is sound, durable, and long-lasting. In addition to framing, our construction team can also help with drywall, roofing, siding, and windows.

Drywall Installation 

Drywall, sometimes called SheetRock, is an important element in any new construction or remodel. As the final visible element of a project, drywall installation and finishing needs to be meticulous and precise in order to give a smooth, even surface for painting.

Mueller offers a variety of drywall services for new homes, home additions, renovations, and unfinished rooms. Our drywall construction services are carried out with quality workmanship to ensure that your new structure has optimum performance and durability.

In some cases, existing drywall may become damaged due to house settling or water issues. In these instances, you can trust the experts at Mueller to repair drywall efficiently and affordably. 

Our drywall repair ervices cover the following conditions:

  • Damage due to house settling
  • Damage due to water issues
  • Holes in the wall
  • Mismatched surface texture
  • Bad drywall seams
  • Damaged textured ceilings

Interior Painting Services

We offer high-quality painting services for home interiors at affordable prices. With our years of experience in the business, we are able to repair damaged paint while making sure to match the texture of the rest of your wall or ceiling. Just as we believe in creating quality construction, we also are dedicated to creating beautiful interiors with long-lasting results. 

Flooring Services

The floor is not just something you walk on. It holds aesthetic importance and is often the first thing people see upon entering a house. At Mueller, we provide professional hardwood and tile flooring installation. Our attention-to-detail carries over to our flooring services, including making sure the subfloor is leveled and in optimal condition before installing the flooring. This standard of excellence ensures our customers are satisfied with the end result of their space.

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